Behind the scenes: Lana Zellner

Our friend Freddy Monares did a short video about how our apprentice, Lana Zellner, decided to get into tattooing from Architecture. Lana has now been working at Blaque Owl Tattoo for about two years, and tattooing for a year and a half. 

To see more of Lana's work you can go to her website or Instagram:

Guest Tattoo Artist - Master Ann from Thailand

Blaque Owl Tattoo will be hosting tattooer Master Ann, from Thailand, for a month starting August 23rd.

Master Ann specializes in traditional hand poked Thai tattooing. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment with him! 


GUEST ARTISTS: Nico Larsen & Pete Davies

We have two contemporary guest artists exhibiting at Blaque Owl for December's First Friday: 

       Pete Davies is the local artist you've all seen and chatted with if you've spent time in Downtown Missoula. Pete made it his home 14 years ago. When asked why he chose Missoula, Davies exclaims with a chuckle that he, "got off the bus and decided to stay." Before Pete settled in the mountain town, he was working as an artist traveling around the US, exploring, observing, and creating work from these experiences. Pete aims to make work that is deviant from what other contemporary artists are doing today. Pete is inspired by his meditations derived from the beauty of Montana and nature to come up with his delicate landscape scenes. 
      Pete works in pen and ink on paper, sometimes water color, creating intricate and thoughtful nature scenes with a continuous line approach. You have seen Pete's work in numerous galleries and spaces in town, including: The Dana Gallery, Taco Del SOl, and Break Espresso. Outside of Missoula, Davies has also exhibited in galleries in California. 


       Nico Larsen says of her work:
"In my study, in the creation of tinctures and spells, I am trying to go back to a childhood idea of my ability to imbue faith into objects (artworks). Through this combination of personal metaphor and art I am hoping to create a deformation of logic, therefore a more “truethy wrong.” 
       Nico Larsen is currently an art student at U of M. After attending Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design and then completing an internship with artist Lauri Lynxxe Murphy, she moved from Denver, CO to Missoula to continue pursuing a BFA. Her interests include explorations through multi-media in Dadaist ideology, witchcraft, anti-logic, and coping mechanisms.






5 PM- 8 PM

Guest Artist: Alivia Foley

We are excited to announce that Alivia Foley, from The Artful Dodger in Seattle, WA, will be doing a guest spot with us November 1-4 2015!

Alivia started tattooing in 2008 -- She specializes in organic, fluid styles and images. An accomplished visual artist, Alivia’s work has been featured on Red Bubble and DeviantArt. She enjoys creating different art pieces for her customers and listening to the stories they have to share. You can find her on FacebookTumblr, and Instagram, or view her visual art currently available on Etsy.